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How Pricing Works

Our price depends on a few factors:

What limo or bus are you interested in? If you tell us how many people you have going, and what event you're doing, we can tell you exactly what vehicles and packages we have that fit your needs.

When is your special event taking place? Your exact date and time is a very import factor because our prices are also influenced by demand. Seasons with higher demand such as the late spring and summer months, tend to create a lot more demand and thus, higher prices. Weekends also tend to be more expensive than weekdays, year round.

Where will you be picked up from? We like to let our clients know that certain locations that require excess mileage and travel will receive a fuel surcharge. Our customer service representatives will go over all of the details with you when you call to book.

How long will you need the vehicle for? Since you pay by the hour, telling us how long you will need it for will be a valuable piece of information.

All of these factors come together to give you the most competitive prices for the best vehicles in all of Iowa. Each quote is unique and personalized to you specifically so that we can make sure that our rates are affordable. We're happy to be able to pass down our savings to you so that you can count on an affordable service without sacrificing any quality of transportation. If you have any questions about your specific celebration, be sure to go over them with one of our employees on the phone. They know how to get you the information that you're looking for, so don't be shy when you're in the quest for information.

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