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If you want to have a great travel experience on your field trips or are looking for wedding transportation for your wedding day, we have the best charter bus rental in the quad cities. Contact us and let one of our agents help you make the best travel arrangements for your next occasion.

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Planning your next vacation to the quad cities area will be a great decision if you are looking to have a lot of things to do and enjoy the best of the two states that make it up. The quad cities are located on the border of Iowa and Illinois and have many attractions. We know that vacations are a time to relax and enjoy the company of your family, loved ones, or friends, and there are many things to plan! Finding a place to stay, dealing with mobility concerns, planning if you will take food or dine out, and making sure your vacation schedules are adjusted to fit your old transportation schedule, among others, are aspects to take into account in any kind of trip. If this is your case and you want to at least get rid of a time-consuming task like planning your transportation, you have come to a charter bus rental company committed to satisfying all your travel needs. All your group transportation needs will be fully covered by our services, especially if you are a large group! Our charter bus rentals are an excellent means of transportation for sporting events, corporate events, corporate outings, and bachelorette parties, as a more luxurious alternative to school buses and much more! Even if you are organizing a school field trip, our charter bus service in the quad cities will guarantee incredible comfort for everyone.

On board your charter bus, you will enjoy the luxury of a well-maintained fleet with the most top-notch amenities. Among them, you will find Reclining seats so that you will be totally comfortable during your ride, and if it is a long trip, you can even rest peacefully and get some sleep. We have personal climate controls that will make it easy for you to adjust to your taste and how much air conditioning you want to use and not have to adjust to a very hot or cold charter bus. We also have a DVD player on board your charter bus that will allow you to be entertained along the way, watching your favorite movies or series. This is great, especially if you are traveling with children, as you will be able to keep them entertained if it is a long trip. On board our shuttle service, you can travel long distances to visit all the places you want; for example, some of the stops on the quad cities are the Putnam Museum & Science Center, the Figge Art Museum, the Vander Veer Botanical Park, the Modern Woodmen Park, the Quad City Botanical Center, the Rock Island Arsenal, the Fryxell Geology Museum among others.

Remember that we have an entire fleet with all the space you may need for your companions. If you are looking for a 56-passenger charter bus for large groups or something for a smaller group like minibus rentals, call us. We have an entire team ready to offer you the best charter bus rental or compact minibus for your stay in the quad cities. If we talk about prices, we have very good news for you: We manage a no-obligation quote. In fact, we offer you a free quote for your transportation service! You will also have access to the best prices you can find in the Quad Cities. At our charter bus company, we also handle charter bus services from the very first moment you arrive in the city. For example, if you arrive at one of the major airports, such as the Quad City International Airport, we have everything you need from the moment you step out of the airport to have your transportation ready. This way you won't have to wait for your service to arrive and you won't have to travel in separate cars if you are a large group. The last thing we want is for you to have to experience the quad cities separately, so our charter bus rentals are a great option. You will be driven by professional drivers to attend all your special events in the city!

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